How to Change a Motor Cycle Battery

How to Change a Motor Cycle Battery

A battery is one of the highly important components of a motorcycle. Without it, this two-wheeled vehicle just cannot run. It is necessary to change it after some time, especially if it wears down after years and years of use. This task is moderately easy. However, it can be quite tricky when you do not know how to do it. In order to enjoy a smooth performance from your motorcycle, it is important to learn how to change a motorcycle battery.


The battery is usually located under the seat of the motorcycle. Open it and then find its access point. Lift the seat as well as the retaining strap. Find the case holder and then detach the battery. Before replacing a battery, it is good to check for signs of leakage or damage. Possible signs of these problems include crystallized acid deposits and crust buildup within the poles.

Disconnect the battery by taking off the connections from the leads. Between the two cables, it is better to remove the negative connection first. This can actually prevent the battery from shorting or sparking. Proper care is important when handling the battery because a shock from a battery discharge can cause a heart attack and severe burns. Next to the negative cable, slowly disconnect the positive cable as well.

If your motorcycle has a sensor, remove it together with the battery. After taking it off, replace the sensor with a new one. Wipe the connection points clean using a dry cloth. Be sure to remove the buildup of crystals or acids. Connect the new battery. The first one must be the positive cable and then follow it with the negative cable. Check if the new battery is okay by turning on the ignition.

Additional Tips and Other Helpful Information

Extreme caution is very important when handling the battery, especially when there is a leakage or damage. Crystallized acid deposits are corrosive, which can cause irreversible damage to the eyes. Likewise, they can also harm the skin.

When changing a battery, always keep in mind your safety. Use working gloves when handling the live electrical ends. In case you are planning to buy a new one, it is good to choose a better brand even though it is a little more expensive because it usually lasts longer than a low-quality battery.

When you are dealing with a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, you need to know the exact battery model before changing. In addition, it is safe to check the installation instructions first before changing the battery.