How to Build a Shed

If you can’t stand the litter in your house, building a shed is a good option for reducing clutter. Here are the steps you need to take.

Required Tools and Materials

Nails, bolts and screws
Concrete / cement mix
2 x 4 wood boards (depends on the size of the shed)
Measuring tape
Plastic or metal boards
Level (optional)
Ladder or scaffold


Decide right now if the shed will be used for storage or if you’ll be working in it. If it’s the latter, a power outlet will be needed.

Pick the Right Site

The ground must be level. Do not choose a site that is prone to flooding or exposed to extreme rain and / or wind. If there is grass, remove them. If you want, you can dig a hole and fill it with cement. If you use this option, allow the cement to dry before building a shed. Use the level to make certain the cement is flat.

Create the Frames and Walls

Cut the wood boards according to the frame size you need. Have someone help you put the frames in place (this is needed if the shed is large). Use the saw to cut the walls. You can make four large walls or several smaller pieces.

Ensure that the wood boards you cut are even. If needed, mark the point where you’re cutting. Once the walls have been cut, put them in place. Secure each one with the nails.

Construct the Roof, Doors and Windows

When the walls are cut up, assemble and put in their places. Mark the points where the windows are to be placed. To continue building a shed, cut the holes in the marked spots. Put the window frames there. The window material to use is up to you.

For the door, you’ll need two hinges, a lock and several screws. Fasten the hinges with the screws for the top and bottom sections of the door. Secure the door to the shed.

Now, it’s time to make the roof. Saw the wood boards so that the roof will be slightly larger than the shed (that is, its edges will project a little). At least two people will be needed to put the roof in place.

Tips and Warnings

Get an assistant before you start building a shed. You’ll need their services if the structure you’re going to make is large. Install the electrical wiring after the construction is done.

Do not attempt to install the wires, sockets etc unless you know exactly what you are doing. If you have no experience with handling wires, hire an electrician.

If you’re going to use the shed as home for plants, don’t try to clog the place up with too much junk. This also applies if you’re going to be working here; ensure there’s plenty of ventilation.

That’s all there is to building a shed. When it’s finished, you can start putting in the chairs, containers and other stuff for storage.

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