How to Build Wind Turbine

How to Build Wind Turbine

With the costs of energy rising, more people are becoming interested in knowing how to build wind turbines. The process can vary, but this guide will give you some insights on how it is done.

Required Tools and Materials

Charge controller
Cutting tool
Welding tool

Step 1

Make sure you get a working generator. You can get DC motors and others on the Net. Just make sure it is functional.

Step 2

Next you have to build the hub. Pick the material of your choice (example, aluminum). Cut a circular shape from the material. If necessary, lathe it so the roundness is perfect. Drill or punch an opening so the motor’s axle can fit in.

Step 3

Put the axle in place. You can weld or mount it using bolts when you study how to build wind turbines.

Step 4

The next step is to construct the blades. You can use PVC pipes, plastic or steel. Regardless of the material used, ensure they are angled to the breeze. This means the blades will be able to turn on the generator when the wind blows.

Step 5

You can also use different materials for the tower. Again, aluminum is the preferred choice because of its flexibility and light weight. Many wind turbine towers are at least 12 feet high. That really should be the minimum height; higher towers equal more wind power.

Step 6

Hook up the wires to the wind turbine generator. Run the wires to the tower. Connect this onto the charge controller. Once this is set, link the controller to the batteries.

Step 7

Wait for the wind to blow. As soon as it does, the batteries will begin charging and this will be converted into energy you can use.

Tips and Warnings

Many of the components required can be purchased in specialty stores online. Many of these can be bought in Web auction sites too. If you don’t want to make the blades or hubs, you can just buy them. This way you just have to assemble the parts.

Be careful when handling the power tools. You should wear gloves and goggles when using the drill and welding tool. Make certain your measurements are correct. Make sure you have enough materials at your disposal.

Those who know how to build wind turbines can probably put it together by themselves. But beginners may need some help, especially with the tower. This is especially true if the tower is high.