How To Build A Fence

How To Build A Fence

Before you build a fence, measure the area you’re going to cover. This ensures you get the right amount of fence material.

Required Tools and Materials

Nail gun
Wood sealer
String line
Wood posts
Circular saw or chop saw

Position the Fence Posts

Position the posts six feet away from each other. Use the string line to keep the posts in position. Dig a hole 18 inches deep for each post. Insert the posts there. Mix the cement and pour them into the post holes. The cement should be filled so that it is level with the surface. Before you continue to build a fence, let the cement dry for 24 hours.

Finishing Touches

Slice the bottom and top of the fence rail. Nail these four feet away from each other. Install the pickets, making sure there’s ¼ inch space between them. Finally, you should saw any excessive wood from the top of the post.


Make certain the posts are level before you proceed; once the cement has solidified, you won’t be able to move it. Use the string line to ensure the posts are aligned correctly.

After the fence has been constructed, add a wood sealer. This will fortify the structure. When you build a fence, redwood or cedar is recommended.

Making a Fence Using Vinyl

Required Tools and Materials

Fence gate / vinyl
Wood posts
Screws and bolts

Set up the Area

First decide on the dimensions of the fence you want to make. Mark the location of the gate and the posts. Use the string to mark the boundary of the fence.

Create and Position the Posts

Cut the wood posts to the desired length (i.e., 4 x 4s). Position them in the areas you marked. Fasten the strings between the corner posts. Gauge the dimensions of the fence panels. For instance, you can put 5 x 5 posts for 6 ft panels.

Continue to build a fence by digging holes for the posts. Make it 10 inches in diameter. Fill the hole by 5 inches. Pour the cement mix in the hole. Put the posts in the cement mix. Adjust the posts’ position before the cement gets dry.

Connect the nail brackets on the posts. Put the panels in the brackets. Secure them using bolts and screws. Add the gate. The opening should be 1 ¼” wider than the width of the gate. The posts and the gate should have a space of 5/8” for both sides. Add some 2 x 4s on the insides of the gate.

Tips and Warnings

Consult the local government authorities before you start construction. This is necessary so you don’t plant posts along any underground pipes or structures. You’ll need help if you’re going to make a large fence. Wear gloves and protection for your eyes when working.

Whatever material you use to build a fence, make sure the measurements are correct. Also make sure the posts are strong so the fence will hold up.