How to Build Steps in Your Garden

Follow the procedures below to build garden steps. Before you start building, decide on what type of material to use (i.e., stone, wood etc).

Required Tools and Materials

Wood (cedar, redwood or treated wood)
Paint or stain
Concrete mix
Stone cutter
Builder’s sand
Concrete pavers
Metal stakes

How to Make Wood Garden Steps

Start by cutting the steps out of the hill. Flatten the tops. Cut the wood boards to the appropriate length. Place the wood in front of the cut soil step you made.

Put some gravel in the space behind the wood. This will serve as the drainage. Hammer the stakes in front of the wood. Flatten the soil behind the wood. Top it off with granite or gravel.

How to Make Stone Garden Steps

You can also build garden steps out of rocks. When you find the desired area, carve it with the stone cutter, chisel or another shaping tool. Level it. Pour a couple of inches of builder’s sand on it.

Level it and set the stone. Wiggle the stone so it’s firm. Make the sand a few inches thicker if the soil is loose. This is necessary for stone steps so they don’t crumble over time.

How to Make Garden Steps with Concrete Pavers

The tools you’ll need are the same. After you pick the site, carve until it is level. Put in some builder’s sand. The looser the soil, the more sand you’ll need to put in. Set the concrete pavers in place.

When you build garden steps, you can use the same process if using wood slabs. If you can’t be certain the concrete pavers / wood are steady, use a rebar or stakes. They can be applied in the same manner as indicated earlier.


When looking for materials to use, pick those that can handle the weather in your area. Only use treated wood, otherwise the material will be subject to rotting and termites. But make sure the treated wood doesn’t contain chemicals that can affect garden plants.

If you don’t want to use chemicals, get durable woods like redwood or cedar. If you build garden steps with wood, apply oil, paint or stain. This will prolong its life. Do not settle for cheap wood; it will wear out and cost more in the long run.


The foundation is the most important thing so do not overlook that aspect. Before you build the steps, make sure it’s wide enough to be used comfortably. If the steps are long, add railings or rest stops. You may also want to implement some curves or bends for long garden steps. They are more attractive.

While you’re going to make garden steps for practical purposes, there’s no reason not to make them aesthetically pleasing. Decide how big the steps will be before you start. This will make it easier to determine the quantities that will be needed.

A little bit of planning is all that’s needed to build garden steps. With a bit of creativity, creating fully functional steps will be possible.

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