How to Build a Car

Learning how to build a car is not an easy task, but changing the auto into a sprint car is not that difficult a process. To convert your everyday car into a sprint car, use this guide.

Required Tools and Materials

Solar cells (optional)
CAD software (optional)
Brakes, interior sheet metal, cage and roll bars
Butane solder
Aluminum tube

Step 1

You don’t need a new car; an old car or chassis will be fine. It has to be made of brass rod or aluminum.

Step 2

Put an 8 to 10 mm aluminum tube onto the chassis. You need to use the butane solder for this task. Do not alter the chassis’ bottom.

Step 3

Connect the suspension components on the chassis.

Step 4

Link the brakes, interior sheet metal, cage and roll bars on the steering. When learning how to build a car, you can employ specialized sprint car chassis software.

Step 5

The next step is to put in the right piston for the car. For most sprint cars, the engine will need compression ratios from 15:1 and 16.5:1. Make sure that the piston you are using is durable. It must be able to withstand the extra pressure.

Step 6

Hook up the fuel connection. Alternatively you can use the solar cells. The specifics will vary depending on your fuel requirement. Many people prefer solar cells because they are cheaper.

What is a Sprint Car?

These cars are often looked upon as stepping stones for the major racing events like Indy Car and NASCAR. These cars are run on oval tracks. The surface can be paved or dirt.

The designs vary, but they all have a raised ratio when it comes to car weight vs. horsepower. Usually the car weighs 1,200 lbs and the power is at 800 HP.

Tips and Warnings

Test the car you built prior to using it on the track. Make sure that all the components are working. Spend some time getting used to driving a sprint car before competing.

Even if you know how to drive, the changes you made may require some driving adjustments. Before you drive, make sure that you are wearing suitable racing gear. You can buy these in stores and in many online shops. The prices will vary though.

If you are studying how to build a car for sprint racing, make sure you have the right components. Unless you have the right parts, the car will not perform up to par.

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