How to Build Stairs

Stairs look very simple, but time and effort is required to make them. Unless you know how to build stairs properly, it will never come out right.

Required Tools and Materials

Hammer and nails
14 x 10 inch piece of cardboard
Demolition tools
Tape measure

Note: the number of lumber required will depend on how many stairs
you are going to build.

Step 1

If there is a staircase present, make a cross section sketch. Note down the floor level and the vertical distance between the last and first steps.

Step 2

Anyone studying how to build stairs should determine the tread depth. The tread is the portion people step on.

Step 3

Set the cardboard rectangle on one of the stringer’s sides. There should be a 14 inch edge on the center stair treads. Slide this so there is a 10 inch edge. This should just make contact with the stair tread nosing over.

Step 4

Put a straightedge on the stair tread nosings. You have to slide this on to the cardboard.

Step 5

Next you have to trace the line at the straightedge underside. You will end up with a triangle that has a sloping leg. This will join the stair tread to the one under it.

Step 6

Use demolishing tools to get the stringers and / or side beams. Cut the pieces with a saw.

Step 7

Get the old stringers. Create the lines needed for the lumber. Put the new stringers in their respective positions. Tack them so they stay up.

Step 8

Get the cardboard template. Use it to note the location of the tread by the stringers.

Step 9

Get the brackets and connect the treads. Add any finishing details you like.

Tips and Warnings

Check the building codes in your area. There may be regulations with regards to the dimensions of the stairs. You may also need to get a permit first. This project ought to take no more than a day. But if you are working on a large set, this could take longer. Do not hurry the project; make sure the measurements are accurate.

Do not confuse the parts of the stairs. There are three parts: the tread, riser and stringer. The stringer acts as the stairs’ support. The riser or rise refers to the height of each stair. The tread is the stair width.

Those who are just studying how to build stairs should realize this project takes time. Even an experienced builder will tell you it requires effort.

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