How to Build a Hydroponic Grow System

If you want to raise plants but don’t have enough soil, you can build a hydroponic grow system instead. By using this method you eliminate the need for soil without sacrificing the quality of the plants.

Required Tools and Materials

Potting medium
Bucket (waterproof and light resistant)
Plastic tubing
Air pump
Tape measure
Hydroponic nutrients
Mesh pots
Spray paint (optional)

Step 1

The bucket will be used as your nutrient reservoir. Get its width and length. Slice the Styrofoam an inch less than the size of the bucket. Note: if the bucket isn’t heat resistant, paint it black with some spray paint. This will prevent the light from penetrating it.

Step 2

You’ll need to take the Styrofoam out of the reservoir as you build a hydroponic grow system. Take out your knife and cut wells. These need to be deep enough to contain the mesh pots. Distribute the holes about 3 inches apart. This will prevent the plants from fighting over the nutrients.

Make a hole on the end of the Styrofoam. The hole needs to be large enough so the hose can be inserted without it slipping through. It doesn’t matter which end you’ll use.

Step 3

Get the air pump and put it next to the reservoir. Attach the air pump to the tubing. Connect the loose end in the hole. This should be at the Styrofoam’s side.

If you build a hydroponic grow system, you need to fill the bucket up to three quarters full with the nutrients (note: you need to mix the nutrients based on the plant you’re growing). Insert the Styrofoam in this solution. Do not allow the air hose to slip.

Step 4

Gather the mesh pots and fill it with the nutrients. Put one plant in each pot. Take the mesh pots and place them in the wells at the Styrofoam. You can now turn the air pump on. The nutrients will now circulate. If the nutrient solution starts to get low, replace them.

Tips and Warnings

Before you build a hydroponic grow system, ask about the best air pump to use. Inform the personnel about the plants you’re going to raise. If you have a drain and fill kit, put it near the ebb and flow tray.

Make sure you use the right type of nutrients for the plants. Different plants have very specific nutrient needs, so get the appropriate ones.

You’ll also want to put growth lights over the hydroponics. The lights need to be turned off and on every 12 hours. Use timers so you can get the timing right. Make sure the system is set on a stable surface. The bucket can be placed on a flat and firm table.

Plants planted via this system can grow faster than those set on soil. However do not hurry the process by adding more nutrients than required.

Lack of space or knowledge about soil types doesn’t mean you can’t raise plants. All you need to do is build a hydroponic grow system and you’ll have healthy plants within a short time.

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