How to Build Leg Muscle

How to Build Leg Muscle

Building leg muscles is an important part to any bodybuilding regime but if done incorrectly, one may suffer from painful cramps, pulled muscles and tendons or any other type of injury related to improper execution of exercise routines.

This being said, the most important consideration when creating a program on how to build leg muscle is to come-up with something that will not put too much stress on your leg muscles when you are only in the beginning stages of your leg muscle building program.

How to Build Leg Muscle

The Basics

The most basic form of exercise that you can do when building and strengthening your leg muscles is walking. Simply walking around the neighborhood for a couple of minutes per day can already help.

You may increase the length of your walking exercise as you get more accustomed to this type of physical activity and then also speed it up a little by doing brisk walking.

As you get more accustomed to your pacing and your leg muscles start to adapt, you may start to include other leg exercises to build-up your leg muscles.


This is also an excellent leg exercise. You will be working your leg muscles as you pedal and push, increasing your pace and distance as you likewise get more accustomed to this activity.

You may also do stationary cycling in your local gym if you wish to work out indoors.

Leg Squats

This exercise build ups muscles in your thighs. You may use a squat machine if your local gym has one or you may also use barbells. However, you have to make sure that the weight of the barbell is one that you can control and lift without risking injury.

As the barbell sits across the length of your shoulders, you bend your knees and slowly lower down your body.

Hamstrings Workout

As you work on your thighs, it is important to include hamstring workout so your thighs are developed on both sides: the front and back parts. There are several hamstrings workouts that you can do including leg curls where you raise your legs as you lie flat on a leg curl machine.

Important Reminder

As you work on building up your leg muscles, it is very important that you first do warm-up exercises especially if you are doing the squat exercises. This way, you are preparing your body as well as your leg muscles for the heavy workout that you are about to do.

By doing this, you can avoid cramping or pulling your muscles resulting in exercise-related injuries.