Fiberglass Boat Repairs

Fiberglass is a very good material for making boats because it is inexpensive, durable and lightweight. However, this specific type of marine vehicle can suffer from accidental collisions, damages as well as wear and tear. These factors significantly affect the durability and appearance of this vehicle. In case of damages, it is important for owners to have adequate knowledge about fiberglass boat repairs.

Materials Needed

You need a few simple items to accomplish this moderately difficult project. This task can be easier if there is a paintbrush, a marine kind of gel enamel as well as epoxy resin. Aside from these, it can help to have a fiberglass cloth, a resin applicator and 120-grit sandpaper. Once you have these materials, you can go right away and fix all those fiberglass boat damages.


Before working, be sure that you are well protected from hazardous elements and substances. Cover your eyes all throughout the process with safety goggles. Meanwhile, wear rubber gloves to free your hands from getting into direct contact with these materials. Once you are sure about your safety, you can now proceed with this simple process. Extreme caution must be observed when handling the epoxy resin as well as the marine-type gel enamel.

Survey the surfaces first. Be sure to mark every void and crack to ensure safer use in the end. Get the resin applicator and then put some epoxy resin on it. Apply the resin and be sure to fill every void and crack. This step requires fast action as this kind of material dries quickly after air exposure.

Apply a thin coat of resin right on top of every filled crack. Put a fiberglass cloth after that. Remember to put the right amount that is sufficient to make the cloth stay in place. Wait for approximately 5 hours for the patched area to dry. Put a small amount of water on the sandpaper. Sand the newly restored area until it has the same level as the rest of the surface. Be sure to work on this slowly but surely and never overdo it.

Get the paintbrush and then put marine gel enamel. Apply a thin coat over the newly repaired parts. After doing this, they will appear new and shiny. Always purchase enamel that is suitable for marine conditions as well as other environmental elements.

Additional Tips and Other Helpful Information

Approximately 75 square feet can be covered by an ounce of epoxy resin. Upon seeing small cracks or voids, it is best to work on them right away before they can become bigger and more difficult to manage. Be patient and remember not to rush things.

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