How to Build Chest Muscles

How to Build Chest Muscles

Muscles are essential part of our body. Its main function is to produce force and motion. Proper exercise and healthy diet makes one’s body perfect. One thing is for sure, it helps us to keep a gorgeous, fit, and healthy body. Building chest muscles adds a little physique, power, a truly ripped look. Here are some ways to perfectly build chest muscles.

Prerequisites of Well-Built Chest Muscles

Both men and women can work out their chest muscles. Everyone is required to acquire some basic knowledge and perseverance in their workout. This contributes to the attainment of your desired chest muscle figure. In order to do all that you will need the following: a spotter or trainer, a weightlifting belt, and several weight sets.

Warm Ups

Everyone must start with the preliminaries before they get to build chest muscles. First, before we go straight to stretching, we want our blood to flow smoothly to our chest, arms and shoulders. One or two sets of light bench presses will do. Use a small amount of weight with your bench press, this will let you stretch easily and safely. Before moving to heavy lifting, stretch out your chest, arms and shoulders. An injury may occur if we don’t do proper stretching or warm ups.

Exercises to Build Chest Muscles

The Flat Bench Press is the supreme builder of chest muscles. The Bench Press is the basic or principal exercise for chest building. To begin, place the weight plates on the bar that’s on the bench. Lie down on the bench and grip the bar as you place your body underneath it. Bring the bar down to your chest, your elbows bending as the bar comes close to your body. Then push the bar back up to starting position thus working out your chest muscles.

Breathe in with your nose when putting the bar down then breathe out with your mouth when pushing the bar back up. This is called one repetition. Choose weights you can lift easily. Three sets of 8-10 repetitions per set are required for that said weight.

Dumbbells are secondary exercises. They’re used as chest muscle shapers. Breathing is similar with bench press exercises. Begin this workout with dumbbells clutched over your chest. Bring the dumbbells down to your sides by lowering your elbows. The dumbbells must be parallel to the chest. Slowly bring it up to starting position.

Your diet is just as crucial to the growth of your chest muscles. A diet that is high in protein and low on fat and low carbohydrates will help. A willing mind, perseverance, and discipline will bring us to our desired goal. Be sure to consult your doctor and weight trainer before engaging in any weight lifting routine.