How to Build a Wooden Fence

It is fairly easy to build a wooden fence. For those who are not sure how to proceed, use the information below as a guide.

Required Tools and Materials

Outdoor stain or paint
Work gloves
Power saw
Hand saw
Pencil for marking
Measuring stick
Ready mix concrete
Sand or gravel
Post hole digger
Boards and posts

Step 1

Determine where the fence will be. Put the post at the end and run a line to the beginning point. This will ensure the posts are aligned properly.

Step 2

Put a stake where the posts will be set. Get your shovel and dig holes for the post. Make the hole deep enough so a third of the post will be buried. You can dig more accurately if you measure the post you are going to use.

Step 3

Put a big stone or some gravel below each hole. This step is important when you build a wooden fence; this is for draining purposes.

Step 4

Put dirt around the posts. Pack in it.

Step 5

Use stakes to brace the posts. The braces should be kept until the concrete has dried. If you just used dirt, tamp it. To get rid of running water, make a round mound on the base using cement.

Step 6

Put a fence nail on the bottom and top of the primary post. Hammer the nail. Align the bottom and top rails with the measuring stick.

Step 7

If you want to make a picket fence, install boards on the fence front. If you prefer a simple board fence, nail the wood boards on the fence rail side. Alternating these from side to side will make the fence look more attractive.

Step 8

Once the fence is finished, you can paint the structure. You can use any color you like. You can apply some paint or stain.

Tips and Warnings

For the best results, space the posts by six to eight feet. When measuring the fence, make sure you do not go beyond your property lines. Make sure you have this information in hand before proceeding. It is also a good idea to check the local building codes.

There may be some regulations regarding the building of these fences. You should also use a level when working. If there are ordinances, make sure to follow them.

If you want to build a wooden fence, it is best to let the posts sit for a few days. When it has settled, you can start putting the fence on.

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