How to Build Cabinet Doors

How to Build Cabinet Doors

Knowing how to build cabinet doors can save you cash especially when remodeling. Another benefit of making custom cabinet doors is you can have the wood cut to the dimensions you want.

Required Tools and Materials

Door hardware
Paint brush
Wood stain or paint
Power sander
3/4-inch thick wood panel
Electric saw
Tape measure

Step 1

Measure the cabinet. Start by measuring from the inner edge on one side to the interior edge on the other side. Increase about half an inch so the doors will overlap the cabinet edge. Make a couple of doors to hide the opening of the cabinet. Slice the width measurements by half. This will help determine the door panel dimensions.

Step 2

Before you build cabinet doors, choose which wood type to buy. Popular choices include oak and mahogany. You can also opt for maple or cedar.

Step 3

Make the door panels from the ¾ inch plywood. Use the measurements you took earlier. Smooth the panel sides with the sander. If you don’t have a power sander, sandpaper will do fine. For the first sanding, use coarse grain paper. The next sanding should be with fine grain.

Step 4

Apply paint or stain with the paint brush. Use clear waterproof sealant if creating natural grain cabinet doors. This will maintain the grain while conserving the wood. Allow the panels to dry overnight. When it dries, you can put another coat. Adding another coat will make it darker.

Step 5

Flip the door panels over. Set them on the floor face down. Put a couple of hinges at the door panel edges. Spot the areas using your pencil. Set the hinges four inches from the bottom and top of the panel. Keep them straight by using a level. Make the holes with an electric drill. Attach the hinges with wood screws.

Step 6

Turn the door panels over. Put the handles on the hinges’ opposite edge. Check the handle placement. Ensure the distance from the door panel to the edge is equal for both edges. Note the handle marks with a pencil. Make the holes with the drill. Connect the handles
with screws.

Tips and Warnings

Some thoughts to keep in mind when applying paint. Make sure the room is properly ventilated. Wear a face mask if necessary.

If you are going to build cabinet doors, alignment is very important. By using the level when marking the drill hole spots, you can be certain they will be aligned properly.