How to Build Bunk Beds

Do you need a space solution that will help you manage your children’s small bedroom area? How about the thought of bunk beds? Yeah, right.

Bunk beds are the ultimate solution for homemakers who do not know what to do with limited bedroom space. Bunk beds are perfect for children’s bedrooms, for people sharing one sleeping room. It must be clear that bunk beds are not only suitable for children’s bedrooms. They are also found ideal in dormitories, apartments, and other types of homes that may have limited bedroom space.

Purchasing bunk beds from a home depot store can be overwhelming for your budget. But don’t worry. Bunk beds can be done in DIY fashion. Armed with the right materials and some skills, you can easily learn how to build bunk beds without fuss. We give you some tips:

* Before you do anything, you must draw out a plan. Measure the space you can allot for the bed. See if it will fit a bed that is either twin size or queen size, etc. If you intend to put your bunk bed into your young children’s bedroom, adapting the twin size mattress is ideal.

* Based on the mattress size, draft the box in which you will put in the mattresses. Make two of those boxes, one for the bottom bed and another for the top bed.

* After doing the box, start working on the posts. Make sure to use a bigger board for it because you will need a sturdy structure that would be able to hold the amount of weight the bed might be up to.

* Ask for some extra hand when attaching the bed boxes to the posts. Installing the top bed can be especially difficult if you are working alone. You will definitely need assistance.

* Make sure that every bit of your bunk bed is attached to each other securely. You would not want your children to suffer from falling out of the bed because one side of it or another gave up.

* Add a ladder and your bunk bed is complete. Of course, you will need to provide a way for the child who won the top bed to be able to climb it safely. Again, make sure that the ladder is safe and secured. You do not want accidents, especially one that involves your precious children.

* Give your bunk bed a nice finish by applying wood stain or varnish or paint or any other material that would make it sparkle. You can play around with your bunk bed’s design, since you are using it in your children’s bedroom.

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