How to Build Big Arms

How to Build Big Arms

Other than getting chiseled abs, the second biggest body building question out there is how to build big arms. It’s pretty obvious that people do want to have something to flaunt around and you just can’t walk around without your shirt off the whole time to display your abs. One thing that anyone should remember is that getting those huge muscular arms will also take a lot of work just like getting well chiseled abs.

Training Your Arms

Training and growing your arms can be difficult at times however they are really quite enjoyable to train. Well, basically you can look at them easy enough and you can immediately observe the results of all your hard work. Another piece of good news about training your arms is the fact that they aren’t as complicated as the other muscle groups in your body.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to train your arms. Really, it’s pretty easy that almost anyone can immediately guess what workout to perform. The challenge sometimes is to find a way to add variety to your routines. Another thing that is easy to do is to over train one part of this muscle group and to forget the others.

Do Not Over Train

Another important reminder on how to build big arms is to not over train them. It is pretty easy to over train the arms since they are one of the most visual muscles in your body. You can see them swell after each contraction you make. However, if you over train them, building these muscles will be next to impossible.

Another reason why the muscle group in your arms is pretty easy to over train is in the fact that these muscles are usually involved in many compound movements to train your chest and back. When you finally get to train the muscles in your arms, make sure that you have considered how much training they have undergone during the compound exercises you have already done.

Forgetting the Triceps

Another important factor on how to build big arms is forgetting to work on your triceps. The biceps are easily visible but the triceps aren’t since you don’t get to see them easily in front of a mirror. Take note that the triceps actually form two-thirds of the entire muscle group in your arms.

Bicep and Tricep Exercises

The following are the best tricep and bicep exercises: Dumbbell curl, barbell curl, cable curl, preacher curl, cable extension, bench dips, push ups, and dumbbell extensions. You should alternate between these exercises in your routine. You may also change your hand positions as you perform arm exercises. This adds variety to your routine and is also an important factor on how to build big arms.