How to Repair a Broken Windshield

Made from laminated safety glass, the windshield is found at the front part of vehicles such as motorcycles, buses and cars. Its primary purpose is to protect drivers from strong winds, dust and many other elements that may hit or distract them while driving. Because it is widely exposed to all kinds of elements, it is one of the easily damaged parts of vehicles. Having it repaired can be very expensive. Be practical enough and save lots of money by learning how to repair a broken windshield.

Materials Needed

If you plan to do this easy task on your own, be sure to come in prepared. For this, you need a lint-free cloth for wiping off dirt, dust and grime. In addition, you must have a high quality glass cleaner for the removal of stubborn stains and dirt. To fix the damage, a windshield repair kit is very important.


Before you fix any kind of crack or damage on the windshield, be sure to clean it first. Moisten the cloth with the glass cleaner and then use it to wipe off dust, dirt and grime. Do this gently as not to cause further damage to the windshield. If there is dirt or other elements present, it is harder to fix cracks and damages.

Protect the paint of your car by placing a rag underneath the area you are working on. The resin as well as broken glass can damage the paint. Check the repair kit and look for a special adhesive disc designed for windshields. Remove the back part of the disc. Push it firmly into the crack or damage.

After this, look once again inside the kit and then search for the pedestal where the resin can flow through. Remove the backing on the opposite side of the disc as well. Position the pedestal in line with the disc and with the hole. Take the cap off the resin syringe. Put its nozzle into the pedestal. Remove air by pulling the plunger. After that, you can force the resin into the damage by pushing the plunger down. Try to fill the chip by repeating this step at least 10 times.

Let the resin dry first before removing the apparatus, preferably 30 minutes or more under the sun. Once it dries completely, you can now remove it.

Additional Tips and Other Helpful Information

Never forget to pull up the plunger first before you press it. This is important in order to remove the air from the crack. Do not expect the resin to work properly if air is present in the damage. Do not push too hard through the windshield when using the apparatus. This can actually cause further damage.

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