How to Build an Outhouse Shed

How to Build an Outhouse Shed

In the past it was necessary for people to learn how to build an outhouse shed. Nowadays it can be used as a decorative element in your garden.

Required Tools and Materials

Measuring tape
Nails or screws

Step 1

Dig a hole at least 5 ft deep and 4 inches wide. The site has to be at least 350 ft from any water source.

Step 2

Use the tape measure to determine how big you want the structure to be. Measure the floor, walls and roof.

Step 3

For the floor, make a hole in the middle at least as big as the hole you made. Slice the hole with the saw. Place the floor over the

Step 4

Cut some wood and make a bench where you can sit on. You can also use any bench provided you make a hole in its center. Position the bench over the hole. You can also saw a piece of wood to be used as cover.

Step 5

To make the walls, cut the wood according to the measurements you made earlier. Place them around the hole and bench. Nail or screw them into place.

Step 6

The next step to build an outhouse shed is to add a roof. Cut a couple of wood pieces and join them so they form a triangle. Nail this on the roof. It is crucial that the roof is angled so the rain doesn’t pool on the roof.

Step 7

You can make the door by cutting the wood. The hinges can be used to put it in place.

Tips and Warnings

If you are going to paint the unit, make sure it is totally dry before you use it. Ensure the unit is spacious enough so there is ventilation.

Where to Put Functional Outhouses

A functional outhouse should be kept hidden and far from view. Aside from being far from public view, it should be far from lakes and ponds. If possible, position the unit near a hillside.

If it isn’t possible to hide them, put some veins around the area. Among the variants you can use are trumpet vine, passion vine, sweet autumn clematis, akebia, purple hyacinth bean and moonflower.

You can also make it more attractive by putting a couple of urns outside the structure. Put some flowers in them. Among the plants you can use are petunias, marigolds and pansies.

You can use trailing plants nasturtium, alyssum, lobelia and creeping zinnia. Other nice décors are the following plants: moonvine, mock orange, jasmine and lilac.

Aesthetics aside, they can also be used to reduce the smell. For a decorative outhouse, you can set up a winding pathway leading to it. When you have the path set, place gravel on it. Or you can put bricks there.

All it takes to build an outhouse shed are a few simple tools. By choosing the right spot, you can use it or make it a part of your garden decorations.