How to Build an Ice Rink

If there isn’t an ice rink nearby you can go to, why not make one yourself? If you want to learn how to build an ice rink, you will need the following equipment.

Required Tools and Materials

Ice skates
Bucket of sand
Snow shovel or snow blower
Garden hose
Spray nozzle

Step 1

Choose a site for the rink. The area should be even and spacious. Do not place the rink close to telephone wiring or tree branches.

Step 2

Decide on the shape. The simplest will be a rectangle or square.

Step 3

Get on the snow and begin forming the outline. Using the shovel or snow blower, begin at a corner. Make the outline, but do not dig into the ground.

Clear the rectangle or square after the borders are made. Place the snow on the outline’s ends and sides. This will make up the rink surface. When you build an ice rink, be certain the ground is level. If there are depressions, put ice on it.

You can also add water and allow it to freeze. If the hole is very deep, put dirt in it. Tamp the dirt and water spray it. Allow it to dry for a couple of hours.

Step 4

Pour water in the ice. This will make up the primary ice coat. Take the spray nozzle off the hose. Turn the water on. Set the flow to medium or moderate levels. Begin at the rink’s top corner. Cover the surface in a uniform manner. Make a puddle of water ¼ inches. Allow this to freeze overnight.

Step 5

Put on the ice sheet’s top layer. Apply this in the same way you did the first sheet. The rink will now begin to form. Allow the ice sheet to freeze. Walk on the rink. If it cracks, put on another ice sheet layer.

Another coating will be needed if the ice is transparent. If it is opaque and solid, try skating. Make sudden stops; if the surface is solid, it will not crack.

Step 6

Flood the rink again. Spray water thinly. Let the water drop like rain on the surface. This will be needed to replace chips and cracks. This should fix any damage on the rink.

After you build an ice rink, you should be able to use it regularly. If you plan on using it consistently, check it every now and then. If there are cracks, fix them immediately. Don’t skate until the cracks are fixed.

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