How to Build a Wind Mill

With the search on for alternative power sources, some individuals are starting to build a wind mill around their homes. If you want to make one, there are several things you need to consider.

Required Tools and Materials

Several pieces of lumber or concrete
Metal or plastic tubing
Windmill blades
Electrical wiring
Hammer, saw, nails and drill

Step 1

Check with the authorities if you need special permits to make the windmill. If you want one that provides substantial power, you’ll need several thousand sq ft of land. The land needs to have as few trees as possible. You also need to raise the structure about 30 feet from the ground.

You also need to figure your budget. When you get the permit, decide how large the wind mill will be so you can get the right supplies. Make a sketch design of the wind mill to help you out.

Step 2

Start to build a wind mill by laying down the base. First the ground has to be level. The wind mill base is either round or square. For the actual building you can use concrete or lumber. If using concrete, you should allow the mixture to dry before proceeding. If using wood, get the strongest type you can afford.

Step 3

When the base is set, you can make the tower. You can use tubing or guide wires. If using tubing, you should utilize metal.

Step 4

After making the tower, add the turbine and the rotor. Connect the wires and the blades at the topmost section of the tower. Take the electrical wire. Put the wire in the pipe.

Proceed to build a wind mill by connecting the turbine to the wire’s endpoint. Take the other end of the wire. Link it to the battery unit. Take a few more electrical wires. Join these from the battery then to the transformer.

Step 5

Raise the tower. Secure the tubing or the wires on the tower. Note: this is where the blades, turbine and rotor are connected to.

Step 6

Hook the transformer to your house and test the wind mill.

How to Make Solar Powered Wind Mills

The required tools and materials are the same as the ones mentioned earlier. However you need to add solar panels and a generator.

Step 1

Build a wind mill base in the same manner you did earlier. Be certain the tower is high enough so the blades don’t come into contact with other objects near the ground.

Step 2

Put the solar panels on the roof where they’ll get maximum heat.

Step 3

Get the turbine and link it to the tower. Now link the wind mill to your generator. This will transform the wind into electricity. You can use an alternator instead of a generator if you wish.

Step 4

The final step is to wire the battery, the panels and the generator to the house’s electric system.

There are many ways to build a wind mill. But regardless of which style you choose, be sure to assess the zoning regulations in you area.

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