How to Build a Wind Generator

A wind generator can be constructed in many ways, from the simplest to the most complex. For the backyard inventor, the proceeding information will be enough to build a wind generator.

Required Tools and Materials

1-inch pipe
Hose clamp
Zip ties
6 2-liter pop bottles
Welding tools
Treadmill motor
Steel bike frame

Note: the motor can be obtained on the Net or in dumpsters near college apartments, especially in spring.

Step 1

Weld the treadmill motor so it is in the middle of the bicycle pedal axle. Remove the pedal first. To set the motor housing, weld a pipe so it covers the part from the motor housing to the frame. Be certain the housing will not spin as the axle turns. Make sure also the motor is well placed.

Step 2

To build a wind generator, you need to create the blades. Zip tie plastic (off plastic bottles). Set them at angles on the spokes so the wheel turns when there is a breeze.

Slice a two inch piece off the bottle. Do it in a spiraling manner so you can get a long piece.

The zip ties are fastened via openings in the plastic. You can make the openings with a hole punch. Make sure there is a portion on the wheel with these blades. 33% of the wheel must have these blades.

Step 3

Score the blades in such a way they do not make contact when they turn. You can now remove the rest of the bike components. They are not necessary except for adding some aesthetics.

Step 4

Position the generator high up. In some cases, the generator will produce sounds. This can actually be beneficial as it will keep the animals away. However, make sure it is not loud enough to bother people.

Step 5

Set the unit up high. Place the wires from the generator onto the power location. Never connect this on a battery if you are not familiar with electricity.

The problem is that batteries may overcharge. You can keep them from overcharging by putting a heat sink. However, the process can be quite complicated.


This generator has moving components. Make sure nothing is near the blades when they spin. If the blades spin quickly enough, they can slice anything that can get caught between them.

You can build a wind generator on your own, but it will be much easier if you have someone to assist you. An assistant will be a real help when you mount the structure up.

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