How to Repair a Water Damaged Cell Phone

A mobile phone is an important telecommunication device that can be used to send text messages and call. Mobile phones have different features. Some have cameras and video recorders and others have music players. Water contact can cause serious damage to mobile phones. Most cell phone insurance companies do not cover water damages. To learn how to repair a water damaged cell phone, below are the simple procedures that you can easily follow.


If you accidentally drop your cell phone in water, the first thing to do is to remove the device immediately. Even if the plastic cover of the device is tight, water can affect the inner parts of the device in less than 20 seconds. Afterwards, it is important to remove the battery of the mobile phone because the damages in the device can be severe if there is a power source. As soon as you remove the battery, you need to remove the sim card. If the sim card is wet, the next thing to do is to get a cloth and pat the card dry.

Check the cellular phone. If it has water, dry the device with the use of paper towel. If there is excess moisture, you can remove it using your hand. To check if there is still water in the device, remove the external connectors to open up slots, crevices and gaps. To ensure that there is no water left inside the device, get a vacuum cleaner and use this to dry the cell phone.

If you want to remove moisture or water under the screen, let the cell phone sit in a container with rice because it can absorb water and moisture from the device. Wait for three to five days before you check the phone. Put the battery in the device and turn the phone on. If it does not work, then you need to attach the phone to the charger without the battery. If the device works, then the battery is probably damaged. Before you purchase a new battery, put the battery in the device and attach the device to the charger. Check if the battery is charging. If the device fails to charge the battery, then you need to buy a new battery that is compatible with your mobile phone.

If you cannot turn the device on even if it is connected to the charger, go to the nearest service center and let them check the cell phone. Tell the technician that the device has been wet so that the professional will not have a hard time detecting the problem in the mobile phone.

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