How to Build a Swing Set

If you can build a swing set, there’s no Build a Swing Setneed to settle for the second rate stuff you see in stores. Here’s how you do it.

Required Tools and Materials

8 steel “S” hooks
16” bolts with nuts
4 trapezoid steel
Forty-eight 3” nails
4 swings with chains
4 steel braces
Eyebolts (6”)
Nuts and washers
Sockets for the bolts
One 12-ft 1 x 6
One 12-ft 4 x 4
Four 10-ft 4 x 4s

Note: all of the wood needs to be treated lumber

Step 1

Slice the 12 ft 1 x 6 equally in half. This will balance the swing set. Drill eight holes in the 4 x 4 (the 12 ft; this will be the main beam). Put an eyebolt 17 inches away from the end. This is for both ends. To build a swing set, the other bolts should be 17 inches distant from each other.

Step 2

Make two holes on the main beam. This is where you’ll put the steel braces. Add some markers if necessary to identify the spots. Insert eight eyebolts into the eight holes you made earlier. Place the eyebolts below so the swing can hang on it. Adding a washer before the nuts is also necessary. Fasten the nuts.

Step 3

Put two 10 ft 4 x 4s on the floor at a 45 degree angle. Put the metal trapezoid brackets on the legs. Modify the brackets so it doesn’t project out. Nail the brackets to the upright legs.

Turn the legs over and install another bracket. Proceed to build a swing set by fitting the six ft 1 x 6 in the legs. Nail this to both legs. Repeat the procedure for the other legs.

Step 4

Fasten a steel brace by utilizing a couple of 6 in bolts. Put a washer and nut on the bolts. Repeat this process on the other side of the beam. Turn the beam over and attach the bolts using the same procedure. Bolt the steel brace to the legs that were joined. Apply a couple of 6” bolts, washers and nuts. Repeat this for the other side.

Step 5

Flip the swing set up. Connect the S hooks to the eye of the eight bolts you put in. Secure the hooks with the pliers.

Tips and Warnings

After you build a swing set, test it first. Try swinging it a few times. Double check the bolts, nails and make sure they’re fastened tight. After working, clean the area. Sweep the floor and get rid of any screws, splinters, dirt etc around the area.

Put the swing set in a clear area. The surface should be level and clear. Trees should be some distance away so that it won’t impede the swinging motion. It’s not a bad idea to watch the kids when they first use the swing. If there are several kids around, you might want to make several swings.

It takes some time to build a swing set, but you can be certain friends and neighbors will be very impressed by your creativity.

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