How to Build a Brick Wall

How to Build a Brick Wall

There are many reasons why you will want to build a brick wall. It can be used as a retaining wall for the plant bed or segregate property lines. A brick wall can also be used to hold soil.

Required Tools and Materials

Brick trowel
Tape measure
Bricks (8 1/2 inches long, 2 ½ inches tall, 4 ½ inches deep)

Step 1

Check the building code regulations. You may need to get a permit to make the wall. Many will let you make walls up to three feet high without a permit. You can get this info from the local authorities or from the homeowners’ association.

Step 2

The first step is to set the foundation. Dig a hole and make sure the ground is even.

Step 3

Saw 2 foot square portions from the plywood. This will be used as the mortar boards. Get the mortar ready. Prepare the mortar in a wheelbarrow. When you build a brick wall, you can mix the mortar by hand. You can make the mixing less difficult by mixing in halves.

Step 4

Place the mortar on some of the mortar boards. Set them close to where you plan to erect the brick wall. This way you won’t have any problems reaching for them.

Step 5

Place the bricks near where you will make the wall.

Step 6

Apply a layer of mortar where the bricks will be set. Get the trowel and use it to furrow the bed center. Move in an up and down manner. This pattern will provide room for the mortar to move. This is necessary when the bricks are set on it.

Step 7

Put the bricks on the mortar. Work from left to right. Straighten each piece out. Use the level if necessary. To ensure the bricks are level and square, set the level vertical on the bricks.

Step 8

Remove any excess mortar with the trowel. Some of the mortar will squeeze out when the brick is set upon it. Grab the mortar with the trowel and apply it on the board where the next brick will be placed. Just keep repeating these steps until you reach the desired height.

That is all you need to do to build a brick wall. If you are making a small wall, this ought to take you no more than a few hours. But if the wall is large, you will need someone to help you. In some cases, a ladder may be needed.