How to Build a Swimming Pool

To build a swimming pool, a lot of planning is required. You’ll still need to pay for the contractors, but the following info will help in reducing the costs.

Required Tools and Materials

Pool kit
Power tools
Pool contractors (plumber, electrician etc)

Step 1

What type of pool do you want to make? The difference between a simple pool and one that comes with fountains, slides, lights etc can be huge. Your budget must also include costs for water chemicals, cleaning utilities, pool cover etc.

Step 2

Hire contractors for the plumbing, electrical work and concrete mixing. You can talk to your bank for help if your budget isn’t sufficient.

Step 3

Before you start to build a swimming pool, buy an in ground pool kit. Make sure the size fits the area around your prospective site. Note: decide right now how frequent pool construction will be. If work is done everyday, the pool can be finished in a couple of weeks. If it’s only every weekend, expect the pool to take months to finish.

Step 4

Inspect your proposed swimming pool site. It should be far from any septic tanks and trees. Review the building code in your area before proceeding. Remember that the heater, pump and filter need to be in a separate location.

Step 5

You can begin to build a swimming pool by outlining the area with stakes. Or you can use strings or spray paint. Direct the excavator to dig areas for the deep end, the panel shelf, steps and shallow end.

Step 6

Now it’s time to put in the side pool panels. Begin at one end of the excavated hole. After the panels are installed, pour in the concrete. Note: you can use fiberglass, plastic or aluminum.

Step 7

It’s time to add the drainage and plumbing. You can do this yourself or hire a plumber.

Step 8

After the bottom area is shaped, add concrete to make a footer. When you build a swimming pool, the concrete should be poured at the deep end before proceeding to the shallow section.

Step 9

After the plumbing is done, let the electrical contractor install the necessary wrings. The pool coping should be installed at the top posts. Install the pool liner once the pool has been cleaned. For a tight seal, utilize a professional vacuum. Now you can fill the pool with water.

Tips and Warnings

After pouring in the water, add water chemicals to the pool. You should also use a pool cover to keep dirt away from the pool. To complete your pool, you can purchase deck furniture, a pool skimmer and other accessories.

If you want, you can plaster the structure and paint it. Regular inspection is necessary to ensure the swimming pool is in good condition.

If you want to build a swimming pool, you need to think about the budget carefully. If you know how to do plumbing, you can save on the costs by doing it yourself.

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