How to Build a Smokehouse

There are several methods you can use to build a smokehouse. Those who have never tried making one before can use this guide.

Required Tools and Materials

Fasteners (screws and nails)
Chalk line
Circular saw
Angle irons
Expanded steel for the shelves
Sheet steel (for the roofing)
Strap hinges (for the door)
2-by-8-inch by 8 foot boards (remove the tongues)

Step 1

Get ten 2 x 8 x 8 foot tongue and groove boards. The tongue should be taken off the sides. Five of these boards will be for the rear. Another five will be required for the door. You also need boards for the frame. Strap hinges will be needed for the door too.

Step 2

Fit and clamp the side parts with the tongue (taken off) facing the rear. Put on a chalk line so the panel dimensions are 6 inches at the front and 5 ft 9 inches on the top back panel. Repeat this with the other panel.

Step 3

Saw the additional boards so they measure 1 ½ x 1 ½ niches. These will be the framing parts. Connect a piece to the panel’s bottom interior. The other should be attached to the top interior. Connect a third piece beside the interior back panel. This is the one running from bottom to top.

Step 4

You can build a smokehouse’s back panel in the same manner. This should be 5 ft 9 inches high. Secure the back panel on the sides. Be certain the panels are squared.

Step 5

Cut brace pieces so they are 3 1/8 inches wide. Notch the upper outside corners so the panel framing will fit in. Cut a wood piece with the same size. Set the wood over it. Repeat the process for the front opening bottom.

Step 6

Create 1 ½ x 1 ½ shelf supports. Put them 18 inches off the flooring. Set the other supports fourteen inches apart.

Step 7

Make the door like the panels. The door should be shaped so it fits between the bottom and top.

Step 8

Connect the roof using the screws. Make sure there is a space across the top.

Step 9

Create the shelves with the angle iron. Use a solvent to get rid of any oil on the steel. Add as many shelves as needed.

The final step to build a smokehouse is to produce smoke. You can do this by putting a cast iron pan onto a propane burner. Put hardwood in the pan and you will have your smoke.

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