How to Build a Magnetic Power Generator

It has become an obsession today to discover and harness alternate sources of energy amidst the high cost of mainstream energy sources such as fossil fuel and coal. One of such energy source alternatives that have generated some buzz in recent years (thanks largely to the Internet) is the magnetic power generator.

A magnetic power generator is basically a motor that generates electricity from the perpetual motion induced by magnetic force. It is easy to build and learning how to build a magnetic power generator will help not only in slashing those energy bills but also in helping the cause against global warming by lessening one’s carbon footprints.

The steps on how to build a magnetic power generator vary but the most common setup is that which utilizes laminates that are covered in magnetic wires. The laminates are commonly of the I-shape variety.

Within the laminates will be the power supply. Apart from holding the two laminates together, the power supply will also act as the conduit through which the generated energy will flow through.

Learning how to build a magnetic power generator entails understanding how exactly the energy is created by the device. Remember how two like poles repel each other when you were playing with magnets as a child? By keeping the two like poles together, that reaction is the one that produces the energy that induces the perpetual motion.

This is why the laminates with the magnetic wires should be carefully placed, as they are the ones that will act as poles that should necessarily repel each other. Knowing the rationale behind the steps in how to build a magnetic power generator makes one understand that a misplaced positioning of the laminates may cause no energy at all or a weak induced motion which will defeat the purpose of exercise.

Obviously, learning how to build a magnetic power generator does not end with completing the setup. It is important to assess how much power the generator is producing. To test the efficacy of the magnetic power generator, attach a transformer to the power supply. It is preferable that the transformer has a meter so that one can measure the current generated by the energy from perpetual motion induced by the magnetic laminates.

Knowing how to build a magnetic power generator will allow one to lessen one’s consumption of traditional sources of energy such as fossil fuel and coal which will lead to less energy bills and less contribution to the growing problem of global warming.

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