How to Build a Small Budget Recording Studio from Scratch

These days, it fairly easy to build a small budget recording studio from scratch. Everyone has their own idea of the prefect recording studio, but these tips should help you get started.

Quality Microphones

Get different types of microphones, including ribbon, dynamic and condenser types. These will allow you to edit and synchronize the sounds. Get high quality microphones; they are essential for good sound set up. Many good but affordable microphones are available in online sites.

A Fast Computer is Necessary

Recording music requires plenty of hard disk space, memory and processor speed. Your computer will also need a quality sound card and speakers. If you want to save money, you can use your own personal computer for recording. However you need to make sure the computer has enough horsepower for the task.

If you can afford to get another computer solely for recording, go for it. Don’t buy the all in one computer models. It is better to buy the parts separately so you only have to pay for the items you need. If you want to buy secondhand computer parts, you can do so at online auction sites.

Quality Recording Software

There are many types of recording applications available. Some of them can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. To save money, determine what you want to do. If you are just starting out, the basic recording software will be just fine.

Basic recording applications will be able to meet your needs. They also require less processing power than high end programs. You can always upgrade later if necessary.

You will also need a MIDI board to build a small budget recording studio from scratch. This is a switchboard device that permits a user to manipulate sounds and add special effects and instruments to the recorded sound. All MIDI boards have their own software included.

Tips and Warnings

There are music stores that sell desks just for audio recording. However, you can use any desk. Just make sure that it has room for the computer, monitor and the MIDI controller. The advantage of audio desks is that they have shelves designed for amps and equalizers.

Chances are you will be recording for hours, so a comfortable chair is needed. You will also need egg crates or blankets to block out the sounds. Just stack them on the walls around the room.

To build a small budget recording studio from scratch, position the MIDI controller where it is most comfortable for you. Place the cables at the rear of the desk. You can also use plastic cable tubes.

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