How to Build a Sauna

Before you start building a sauna, decide which room to dedicate for it. You should also measure the dimensions of the room before starting the construction process.

Required Tools and Materials

Screwdriver and screws
Hammer and nails
Metal framing supplies
Tape measure
Sauna components
Bathroom rated caulk and caulk gun
Wiring and outlet

Step 1

Begin by framing the sauna. Fasten the metal framing parts. Use the screwdriver to secure it on the walls, floor and ceiling. Make sure the set up is robust.

Step 2

Decide where the heater will be placed. Wire the outlet into your house’s electrical system. Do this before you continue building a sauna.

Step 3

Fasten the plywood on the frame. Ensure that the metal is covered by the plywood. This is crucial because the plywood is where the sauna boards will be hanging.

Step 4

Insulate the sauna sides and top. This is between the ceiling and the walls. This will prevent energy loss from occurring.

Step 5

Use the nails to join the sauna boards to the plywood. Apply putty on the nails to cover them. You can also nail in a way so the next board’s groove conceals the nail.

Step 6

Add the heating element. Follow the manufacturer directions regarding the mounting height. Plug this in the outlet.

Step 7

Build or install the benches. Join them to the floor and frame of the sauna.

Step 8

Add the pre-hung door. If necessary, caulk around it. You can either make the door or it could be made in a way that the steam is kept in and cold air out.

Tips and Warnings

There are many places where you can put the sauna. It can have its own room or it may be integrated in the master bedroom. Others may opt to put it in the basement. When checking the sauna dimensions always measure twice and cut once.

There are many stores where you can buy the sauna. Check online for a comparison of the prices and the features. When you find one you like, ask if it is possible to have the boards cut out. This can make the construction process much quicker.

Make sure you read the product information provided for by the manufacturer. Do not forget to assess the warranty and what it covers. This is important in case you make a mistake.

That is all there is to building a sauna. Once you are finished, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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