How to Build a Porch

How to Build a Porch

While it’s true that trying to build a porch takes time, it is perfectly doable. You just need to have the right equipment.

Required Tools and Materials

2 x 10 lumber boards
Plywood boards
Wood glue
Staple gun
Windows screening
Box of nails
Roofing shingles
Stud finder

Step 1

Connect the ledger board to the back of your house (from the 2 x 10 lumber). Mark the spot with a chalk. Use the level to make sure the ledger is aligned properly. Nail the board in place.

Step 2

Put 2 x 10 joists on both sides of the board. Put wood glue on the part where the wood meets up. Nail them. As you build a porch, mark the joist on the ledger every 1 ft 4 inches. Hammer the 2 x 10 lumbers on these spots. Put glue where the boards join up.

Step 3

Put in a 2 x 10 ledger board out front. Hammer and glue it. Use two nails to link the front ledger board. Nail them to joists spaced by 16 inches.

Step 4

Put plywood boards on the floor. You can utilize the stud finder when hammering in the boards.

Step 5

To build the walls, cut four 2 x 10s and make a frame. Mark a spot every 16 inches on the inside of the bottom and top section. Put joists here. Nail and glue them.

Repeat this for the other walls. Continue to build a porch by slicing a few more wood from the 2 x 10s. Put these halfway up the joist. Hammer and glue them in a horizontal manner.

Step 6

Slice a couple of 2 x 10s diagonally on both sides. Set them on the front wall so they form a triangle. Put a 2 x 10 at the triangle’s top. Put in 2 x 10 joists on both sides. They should be placed every 16 inches. Cut the joists in an angular manner.

Step 7

Put the front wall up. Hammer the roof’s top beam on the house. Nail the base on the floorboards. Raise the side walls. Hammer the roof joists on the frame’s top section. As you build a porch’s side wall, using the stud finder when hammering on the roof is recommended.

Step 8

Get the roofing shingles. Install and hammer them, commencing from the bottom and going up. Allow two to four inches of overlap. Get the window screen dimensions. Slice the frame section to the appropriate size. Put them in place with the staple gun. Paint and stain as you wish. Get the carpet. Put it on the floor.

Tips and Warnings

You can put on some stained glass or some wiring. However, you should not attempt this unless you know how to install them. Hire the services of a qualified electrician to avoid any accidents.

You’ll be able to build a porch more quickly if you have some assistants. When it’s finished, you can all grab a drink and relax.