How to Build a Kitchen Island

With a well built kitchen island, you’ll be able to perform a variety of tasks efficiently. Before you build a kitchen island, consider setting the island and counter space at 40 inches. That is
the standard.

Required Tools and Materials

½ inch hinges
Electric drill or screwdriver
Wood glue
2 1/2 inch finish nails
Wood glue
Framing square
Table saw

Step 1

Decide on the island dimensions. The standard length is 24 inches and the depth is usually from 24 to 48 inches. The standard height is 34 inches. When it comes to materials, you can choose from maple, birch, ash, hickory and others. For the countertop, a good choice would be maple with wax finish.

Step 2

Cut the side panels to the depth required and put the face plate on the front of the cabinet. If you want back doors and drawers, you need to duplicate the front of the cabinet. Face plates are usually 1 ½ inches wide. The center plates that separate the doors are 3 to 3 ½ inches wide. Put the framing square to use when working on the face plates.

Step 3

To build a kitchen island, cut the island cabinet flooring to the desired dimensions. Next, make a shelf or half shelf.

Step 4

Use the ¾ inch plywood to make the door. Saw the door a couple
inches bigger than the gap. You should end up with 1 and half inches on the sides.

Step 5

Get the router and use it on the side of the door. Apply the desired profile. Use the drill to put the hinges into place. Install the hinges on the face plates.

Step 6

Cut the drawer boxes. These will be for the openings. Glue the portions to the joints with wood glue. Secure them with nails.

Tips and Warnings

Aside from maple, there are also Formica plastic countertops available. However, the wax finish is ideal for use with food. Before you order the countertop, make sure you have the island dimensions in hand. This will ensure the fittings are exact.

The wood materials mentioned earlier can be shaded or stained to produce different colors. Pick the one that matches your kitchen theme and style. Make certain you have the right tools for the job.

You can build a kitchen island using dimensions than the ones mentioned. However, most kitchen chairs and accessories sold are based on these measurements. Deviating from the measurements may also make it uncomfortable to use.

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