How to Build a Hot Tub

How to Build a Hot Tub

Before you learn how to build a hot tub, set up a concrete porch. This is the best material for supporting this structure. Next, make or buy cedar wood cut to the right size. This project will make a 6 ft diameter tub.

Required Tools and Materials

Hole saw
PVC sealant
PVC piping
Epoxy sealant
Timer with manual on/off switch
Hot tub skimmer
Suction fittings
Hot tub jets
Water heater
Hot tub filter
Hot tub thermowell
1 2 hp water pump
1 3/4 hp water pump
Chine joints
Tub bands
Cedar wood

Step 1

Make holes in the tub bottom for the suction fittings. Saw holes in the fitted staves. This is where the jets will be installed. Set 2 rows uniformly around the tub.

The lower row is for the low powered jets. The upper row is for the high powered jets. High speed jets have double the number of low speed jets. The low speed jets are 12 inches below the staves; the high-speed are 12 inches over.

Step 2

To build a hot tub, you have to make a hole for the skimmer. Place it near the suction fitting openings.

Step 3

Put the chine joists on the flooring. Fasten it with bolts. Place the large bolts in the middle. Place the small bolts at the measured area’s end.

Step 4

Secure the tub bottom on the joists. Put the suction fittings in the openings you made. Screw them to the tub bottom.

Step 5

Ring the staves along the bottom of the tub. Interlock it with each other and the bottom. Put a pair of tub bands over them. Set them 20 inches over and below the top respectively.

Step 6

Put nails on and below the band. Do it again with the lower tub. Put epoxy on the seams. Place 2 x 4 supporters on the tub exterior. Screw them to the staves.

Step 7

Put the bench in the tub interior and screw to the bench support. Screw the skimmer into the hole. Put sealant around it. Join PVC pipes on the skimmer and suction fittings. Run it to a 2 inch pipe.
Join it with t-fittings. Apply PVC sealant.

Step 8

Install the jets. Connect the jets to pipes with t-lengths. Do this all around the tub.

Step 9

Join the jet pipeline to an HP water pump. Connect the skimmer too.

The final steps to build a hot tub include adding a filter on the water pump. Add the timer, thermowell and the speed jets.