How to Build a Garden Shed

The garden shed is the place where you can store all your gardening tools and equipment. In order for you to build a garden shed, you will need to ready the following equipment.

Required Tools and Materials

Screw gun
Treated lumber
Nails and screws
An assistant
Metal ties
½ inch plywood or OSB

Step 1

Pick a suitable spot in your garden. The ground must be level and be easily accessible. When you find a site, mark a couple of feet from the building area. You will use this for the building.

Step 2

Use the 2 x 6 lumber to make the frame. Set the frame on concrete block centers. To prepare the deck for the plywood flooring, square the deck. You can do this by making diagonal measurements.

Step 3

Position the plywood onto the joists. Saw the pieces to size if necessary. Make sure the end joints are staggered before you build a garden shed.

Step 4

Use some 2 x 4s to frame the walls. Set the siding on as the walls are still on the deck. Stand each piece when it is finished. Use a diagonal brace to keep it up. Nail the four together.

Step 5

Nail the trusses onto the top plates. This is above the stud. Keep the trusses in place with metal ties.

Step 6

Use a ½ inch plywood or OSB for the roof sheathing. Put on the other roofing materials (drip edging, fascia, rake boards, corner boards and soffits). You can also put on the roof shingles. Installation of roof shingles varies, so read the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 7

Get the 2 x 4 and frame the door. You should utilize the H pattern on the long parts on the sides. Saw the bottom and top with the same size. Make the center cross three inches shorter. Make sure to measure diagonally along the frame of the door. This will ascertain it is square.

Step 8

Put some 2 x 4s on the frame. Mark them below the diagonal braces. Nail these and put some pine boards onto the sides.

Tips and Warnings

It is imperative that you choose a level ground. If it is not, you should dig the site. Level it using wood boards or concrete base.

If you are going to build a garden shed with electrical power, make sure to put the cables underground. Hire an electrician if you are not sure of the process.

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