How to Build a Compost Bin

A compost bin can be constructed using these materials. Using the following guide, you can build a compost bin from a garbage can.

Required Tools and Materials

Old newspapers
Garden hoses
Plant debris
Garbage cans
Wire screen or chicken wire
2 x 4 pieces
Piecing tool (for the garbage can)

Step 1

Make holes in the trash can. This is needed by the microbes to perform their tasks.

Step 2

Cut the plants into small pieces. Put them in the trash can. For the best results, you should have equal parts dry and green material. If you cannot get that much dry material, you can cut newspapers into small bits. There is no need to fill up the can. You just have to put the plant stuff you have.

Step 3

When you build a compost bin, spray water on the cut plant material in the container. Keep spraying the plants is moist. But be certain that it is not soggy.

Step 4

Place the lid on the thrash can.

Step 5

Set the filled thrash can on bricks so it will not rust. Aside from bricks, you can use some 2 x 4 wood pieces.

Step 6

Turn the garbage can weekly, daily if possible. Position the can on the side. To mix the plant contents, roll the can.

Step 7

If necessary, add some plant material. This can be done at any point after the can is built. It is crucial that you keep the can as damp as a squeezed sponge. You can do this by watering the plants whenever it starts to dry up.

Step 8

Wait for 30 days before harvesting the compost. Use a chicken wire piece or the wire screen to strain the material.

Tips and Warnings

You can use the compost for dressing garden beds. You can also this as soil for plants. The composting process is done when the plant is not warm to touch anymore.

For the best results, you should have equal amounts of browns and greens in the bin. Aside from plants, other greens include coffee grounds, fruit scraps, veggie peelings, glass clippings, and tea bags.

Browns include branches, bark and egg boxes. Do not put cooked vegetables meat, dairy products or fish in the bin. They will draw in rats, roaches and other pests.

If you build a compost bin correctly, it may attract some fruit flies or worms. That is all right because they assist in the decomposition procedure.

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