How to Build a Gaming Pc

How to Build a Gaming Pc

If you’re into computer games and would love to get a custom built beast of a machine then one of the first things you should know is that you will be spending a lot of money on computer equipment. However, if money is no object for someone such as yourself, then read on to find out how to build a gaming PC. The instructions below won’t be that technical but will outline what parts to get along with some tips on how to choose the required parts.

Computer Case Considerations

One of the first things gamers consider is how their computer looks like. You should get a computer case that is big enough so that you won’t have to worry about the size of the motherboard and other parts you will put into it. Some people also consider the sci-fi or mean looking design of the front panel and other external features as well. It’s all up to you when it comes to external design, just remember that the fancier the case, the more expensive it will be.

Picking the Right Motherboard

Remember to settle for no less than one of the extreme or top of the line motherboards for your gaming machine. The high end motherboards allow you to select some of the best components out there. This is one of the key steps to build a gaming PC. Be sure to note what parts that high end motherboard supports. The better the motherboard, the better are your options, and the bigger the price.

However, if you want to save at least some money, you should get a high end motherboard that fits your budget but has enough features for a good gaming PC. Look for boards that have more RAM slots, multiple PCI express slots, and a processor socket that supports the best CPU’s out there.

Video Card

If you really want to build a gaming PC then you shouldn’t turtle up on video card costs. The fact is that even if you do spend a lot on the video card, if you get the best ones out there you will eventually get a good deal for your money. The 1GB+ video cards aren’t really too expensive but will take some portions of your budget. Remember, the better the video card the better performance you will get out of your gaming PC.


The next step to build a gaming PC is to get a supported high end CPU. Make sure to get the higher cores along with higher frequency speeds. This part usually goes in the center of the motherboard near the left corner.


Get more RAM into your gaming computer. Make sure to get the biggest ones out there. This removes the need to replace them with sticks that have bigger capacities. Check how much memory and DDR generation that your board supports. You should also get the ones that have higher clock speeds.

Hard Drive

One of the important considerations to build a gaming PC is to get a lot of hard drive space. Hard drives are less expensive nowadays and you can even get a 750GB disk drive at less than $100. The larger your hard drive the more games and other data you can store in your computer.

Other Equipment

Once you’re done with the above mentioned computer equipment the rest will be all up to your taste and choice. The necessary equipment to build a gaming PC is already there and you’re left to decide the peripherals. The size of monitor you will get, the type of mouse and keyboard, and other stuff you might want to add aren’t that related to the high performance expected of a gaming PC.