How to Build a Fireplace Surround

There are few things better than spending winter nights in front of a fireplace. If you want to build a fireplace surround, you should select materials that match your interior home decor. This one uses slate.

Required Tools and Materials

Tape or marker
Plywood or alternate wood for pattern

Step 1

Make a pattern for the surround. Determine the space for the stone surround along the fireplace. Do the same on a board piece.

Step 2

Get the stones ready. You can use any color you like. Before you order, assess how many pieces will be needed. Always purchase more than what is required.

Step 3

Have the pattern you made in hand. Use it to make a design for the stones. Set the stones according to the pattern you made. Pack the stones in as tight as possible.

Step 4

Make sure you clean the wall where you will build a fireplace surround. If needed, mark the areas where the surround should not pass. This will ensure the surround will not go over the specified space.

Step 5

Take out the mortar and prepare it. Follow the directions as indicated in the package.

Step 6

Put some mortar on the rear of all the stones. Push this firmly onto the present wall surround and wall. Get another stone. Apply mortar and set it down. Keep repeating these steps for all the other stones.

Ensure you follow the pattern as you set the stones in place. Let the mortar dry. Step back every now and then to check if the set up is still following your pattern.

Step 7

Put some grout in the space amidst the stone blocks. Use the trowel to remove any extra grout.

Step 8

The fireplace surround is almost done. You just have to apply some sealant on the surface. Give the sealant time to dry. This will vary per product.

Tips and Warnings

Make sure you get an accurate assessment of the fireplace surround dimensions. You can buy the stones online and in the nursery. It is better if you buy in a nursery as there are no shipping costs. You also have to make sure you have enough mortar and grout.

Before you build a fireplace surround, evaluate the size of the stones. The larger they are, the quicker it will be to assemble the structure. It also means less grout to put in the spaces between blocks. But make sure they aren’t too big you can’t carry them.

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