How to Build a Deer Feeder

Learning to build a deer feeder is actually quite easy. All you’ll need are the following stuff, all of which you can buy in any hardware store.

Required Tools and Materials

Zip ties
Saw (power saw recommended)
5 gallon bucket (durable type)
PVC pipe (3” diameter)
Tape measure
Shovel (optional)
Permanent marker

Prepare the Site

Obviously you want to put it in a place the animals frequent. However, the ground needs to be even. If necessary use a shovel to level the ground. Remove any rocks or dirt. Place the bucket in this spot.

Mark the spot 8” from the bucket’s bottom. Those who build a deer feeder have discovered that this is the ideal spot to put in the tube. Not only does it give the deer room, but the height keeps smaller creatures away.

Modifying the Bucket

Get the saw and slice at the 8” mark. Drill half a dozen holes under the bucket. This will be the drainage system. Be careful when you drill; low quality buckets will break up when drilled; that’s why a high quality bucket is required.

Putting the Pipe in Place

Take the pipe and make a couple of holes at the bottom (this should be at the ends). The hole should be 3 inches in diameter. When you build a deer feeder, the tube will be used for the food.

Put the pipe in with the slit downwards. You can use the marker to gauge where the pipe is in the base. Make a few cuts on the base and put the zip ties through it. Pull the tie.

Picking a Tree

Ideally the tree should be isolated so the deer will notice it. If that’s not possible, the location should be tranquil. Remember that deer don’t like places with too many animals or people.

After you find your tree, get the zip ties from the tube. Fasten them as securely as possible. When you build a deer feeder, don’t forget to cut off the extra strings. If you don’t, the deer will eat them.

What Food should be put in the Feeder?

Deer will eat corn or grain. You should also put some food in the bucket. This will attract the attention of the deer. There are also commercially available deer food you can buy. There are many types and brands, so you’ll need to conduct some investigation.

Tips and Warnings

Any sudden action will scare off the animals, so keep a good distance away. The quality of the food is important; if you put in spoiled food, it’s unlikely the animal will return.

Even the most durable bucket will be subject to wear and tear. Check it every now and then to see if there are holes, scratches etc. You should replace the bucket if it is too worn out. Excessive heat and rain will lead to bucket deterioration.

After you build a deer feeder, don’t be surprised if deer come in droves. But after making one, creating other deer feeders will be easier.

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