How to Build a Deck Bench

Knowing how to build a deck bench is easy if the correct processes are used. To start, prepare the following equipment. These are available in hardware / home improvement stores.

Required Tools and Materials

Circular saw
Stock (2 x 4s, 4 x 4s, 2 x 2s).

Getting the Right Supplies

Try to figure out the dimensions of the deck bench before starting. This will make it easier to determine how many pieces of lumber are needed.

Step 1: Construct the Base

Cut one of the lumbers into four equal lengths. Take two pieces and stand them up. Drill holes on their sides. To build a deck bench, fasten the two other lumbers you cut. Make one base for every 3 ft of the bench’s length.

Step 2: Create the Seat

Take one of the 2 x 2s and screw / nail them to the base you made. Do make certain they are of the same length. Now cut the 1 x 4s and sand them (you can also use a router). Fasten them to the bench. You can make the seat using one long wood board or line several side by side.

Step 3: Create the Back Section

To build a deck bench’s back rest, saw at least four wood pieces equal to the length of the bench. Put them on the floor side by side. Cut three pieces of wood. They need to be as high as the four wood pieces.

Nail the three long wood pieces vertically on the bench. Two should be at the end of the bench, one in the middle. To create the back, nail the four long wood pieces horizontally. Nail more horizontal lumber if necessary.

Step 4: Create the Arm Rest (optional)

Sit on the bench and raise your arm as if resting. Note the length down. Cut some wood according to this length. Place the piece on the height you prefer. Nail it there. Nail two more wood pieces vertically to the end of the bench to support the arm rest.

Tips and Warnings

When you build a deck bench, you can hide the screws by sticking wood on it. Again, the dimensions of a deck bench are subject to individual preference, although the “normal” height is 15 inches.

Putting on goggles will keep your eyes safe from any splinters that fly off. When you are finished, clean the area. Sweep away any splinters, dust etc.

You can paint the deck bench any color you want. Just follow the directions in the package for the suggested layers and the drying time. For a smoother look, paint in long steady strokes. Do not inhale the paint.

Wear a mask of some sort if you don’t like the smell. Take care you don’t injure your hands when driving in the nails. Having several screws, nuts and bolts is needed so you don’t run out of supplies.

The best way to learn how to build a deck bench is to try it. By giving it a try, you’ll discover that it isn’t as complicated as it seems.

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