How to Build a Cold Frame

The cold frame is a small greenhouse that can prolong a garden’s growing season. While you can buy these in stores, it is also easy to learn how to build a cold frame.

Required Tools and Materials

An old window
Old wood, concrete blocks or hay bales

Step 1

Like other greenhouses, location is important. Choose a site that gets plenty of sunlight. The best location is one that faces south. If it is set against your house, that is even better. It will aid in keeping heat and blocking strong breezes.

Step 2

Put the concrete blocks or hay bales. Just stack them up so the size is similar to the window. Make the hay bale about a couple of feet high. The shape should be rectangular or square.

Those who want to learn how to build a cold frame can also use wood to make a frame. You can also have the rear wall taller than the front. You can also have the window slanted. However, this is not actually required.

Step 3

Now you can put some plans and pots within the rectangle. During the autumn or spring, you can put spinach or lettuce in pots. You can put these in the cold frame.

It is also possible to relocate seedlings like carrots, cabbage and broccoli in the cold frame from your garden. It is also possible to excavate some soil inside the cold frame and plant.

Step 4

The next step is to put the window on the cold frame’s top. The sun striking the window glass will produce heat. This will heat the inside of the cold frame. It will help in keeping the vegetation inside warm.

Step 5

Visit the cold frame during hot days. If it appears too hot, prop one of the window’s sides with a brick. However you should remove the bricks before nighttime.

If it rains in the area often, place a layer of gravel or rock before putting up the cold frame. This will serve as the drainage system.

If you are going to make a frame with wood, make sure to cut them to size. You should also check if there are leaks. If there are, put some cotton, dryer lint or similar materials to block it.

It really is easy to learn how to build a cold frame. However, you need to make sure the cold frame is not overcrowded. You should also care for the plants as you would the others in your garden.

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