How to Build a Chicken Coop

How to Build a Chicken Coop

It takes a bit of work to build a chicken coop, but a lot of the problems can be removed if you make one. Start by getting the following materials ready.

Required Tools and Materials

Cinder blocks
Stock 2 x 4
Wire fence
Wire cutter
Insulation strips
Chicken wire

Choose the Location

The site should be elevated so rainwater won’t be an issue. You’ll also want to put the chicken coop in a place away from animals that prey on chickens.

Designing the Chicken Coop

On average, each hen requires 2 sq ft of space. Each chicken will need ten yards. There should also be a nest container for every three hens. The perching area should be 6 to 10 inches. Keep this figures in mind when you build a chicken coop. When you have the figures, you can purchase the supplies.

The windows can be any size. However they should be directed to face the sun. Don’t forget about ventilation. When assessing the dimensions of the coop, don’t forget to make a door suitable for your frame.

Create the Base and Frames

Cut the lumber and shape them into support posts (usually four). Put them 12” in the ground. Saw four lumbers and nail them to make the rectangular base. Cut as many lumbers necessary to hold the wires in place. The number will vary depending on the size of your coop.

Adding the Wires

To build a chicken coop, apply the wires around the coop frames you created. Fasten them using the pliers, wire cutters or nails. Put the cinder blocks around the frames to strengthen it. Put in the insulation strips.

Construct the Roof and the Door

This can be any shape you want. However you should utilize aluminum so it doesn’t become susceptible to rust. Make sure the roof’s measurements are correct before securing it in place. Measure the door dimensions too. Fasten the door to the chicken coop frames. To test the door, swing it a few times.

Add the Nest Boxes

Add the nest containers after you build a chicken coop. Arrange them as you like. Add the straw and the perches. The ideal height is 4 ft.

Tips and Warnings

Consider adding a wire fence if the area is frequented by predators. The minimum height is 3 ft. This height will prevent the chickens from escaping. At the same time predators will be kept at bay. The fence needs to be at least 12” deep. Additional protection against predators includes millet and netting.

The feeders’ height should be equal to the chicken’s back height. This will make it easier for the chickens to eat. Make certain they have plenty of food and water. Replace the water regularly.

The size of the chicken coop should be proportional to the chicken population. If you get more chickens, you should expand the chicken coop.

After you build a chicken coop, check it regularly for any cracks or tears. Strong winds or rain may damage the structure, so regular maintenance is needed.