How to Build a Cat Scratching Post

It’s easy to build a cat scratching post so there’s no need to buy one from the pet store. Once you get the following equipment, proceed to the instructions.

Required Tools and Materials

Diameter post (4” diameter)
Box of U shaped brads
Sisal rope (100 ft)
Box of wood screws
Plywood (16” sq; ½” thick)
Hand saw
Marker or pen

Step 1

If you haven’t already, cut the wood to make a 36 inch long, 4 inch diameter post. Sand the edges.

Step 2

Put a half inch brad into one end of the rope. Attach it to the post. Set it as near the top as is possible. Enfold the rope around the post. Do not leave any space between the rows. As you build a cat scratching post, put a brad every five rows so the rope doesn’t slip.

Step 3

When the post is totally wrapped, attach several brads above and below the rows. This will secure them in place. Hammer all the brads. Make sure they are hammered in thoroughly; if not, the ropes will unravel when the cat starts scratching.

Step 4

Starting from one plywood board corner, draw a diagonal line. Continue until you get to the other corner. Repeat the process for the other corners. What happens is that the lines meet up in the board’s center. If you’re going to build a cat scratching post successfully, the lines need to be exact.

Step 5

Get the drill. Use the lines as a guide when you drill the two screw holes. Drill each hole three quarters from the board’s center. Make sure the size of the hole is big enough for the screw. If necessary, get the screw so you will know how big a hole to drill.

Step 6

Put the board on the post, using the holes as guides. Drill the holes. Insert the screws into the holes. Fasten them to the plywood. Turn the board over, and it’s done.

Tips and Warnings

When you build a cat scratching post, it’s best not to use carpet. If you use it instead of the sisal rope, your cat won’t be able to tell the difference between the material on the post and your carpet. By using a sisal rope, its attention will be drawn away from your carpet and rugs.

You can include toys around the post. They don’t need to be fancy; plastic balls or boxes will be fine. Try putting a light in a bottle; most cats are attracted to it.

You can also rub a bit of catnip on the toys. Try not to put too much catnip though; some cats might get too hyper. Every now and then check the sisal rope if it’s getting worn out.

It only takes a couple of hours (maybe less) to build a cat scratching post. But the end result is your furniture will be spared from cat scratches. Your cat will be happy too, so it’s worth giving a try.

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