How to Build a Bridge

There are many ways to build a bridge. The proceeding information will give you an idea of how bridges are built.

Required Tools and Materials

Heavy equipment
Engineer and engineering team
Site workers
Blueprint of bridge design

Step 1

Determine what type of bridge you want to make. A truss bridge is suitable for spanning short distances. The arch bridge is suitable for going over ravines. The suspension bridge is needed for connecting lands separated by a wide body of water.

Step 2

Have the engineering team scan and examine the site. Based on the findings of the surveyors, you can start to work on the bridge design including the length, width and placement.

Step 3

The next step to build a bridge is to work on the actual design. The bridge design should account for the expected traffic load, geographical layout, climate conditions etc. There are many computer programs that can help in the bridge design. These factors will determine what kind of material will be used and the quantity.

Step 4

The banks should be excavated and then filled with concrete. This is where the supports will be placed.

Step 5

After the foundation has settled, the bridge components have to be built. The bridge parts can be built on site or in another place. In the case of the latter, the pieces will be shipped to the site after they are put together. The steel components should be put together using the anchors on the concrete.

Step 6

To build the decking, you can use concrete. But some like to use aluminum or composite materials. Whichever material is used, it has to be resistant to corrosion.

Step 7

After the deck is built, it should be paved. Paving is done with paving machinery. This can be purchased or the local government may provide it for you. The time it takes to pave will vary.

Tips and Warnings

Make sure you get all the paperwork done. The permits must be sorted out before you begin this project. If you are working with the local or national government, close coordination is needed.

Also make sure you have all the heavy equipment ready before you begin. Inspect the bridge before opening it to the public. Keep an eye on the project all throughout.

Needless to say, it will take several months or years to build a bridge. But it is imperative that you never hurry the project. It is also essential that you use only topnotch materials so the bridge lasts.

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