How to Build a Closet

If there is too much clutter in your room, you should consider building a closet. However there are several things you need to assess before the construction begins.

Required Tools and Materials

Measuring Tape
Stud finder
Wire cutter

Step 1

Decide if you’re going to make the closet from scratch or expand the existing one. If you’re going to start from the ground up, make a detailed drawing. If you’re just going to expand it, you can just tear down the walls.

If there are existing electrical outlets, you should fix it before moving on. At this point, you should jot down the dimensions of the closet.

Step 2

Before you start building a closet, decide how many shelves are going to be installed. Shelves can be either vertical or horizontal; they also come in varying sizes. You can buy or make these shelves.

Step 3

After determining the closet dimensions, get the needed materials. Refer to your design so you can cut the wood pieces to the right length. If necessary, mark the wood pieces.

Step 4

Before putting in the wood boards, use the stud finder to locate the studs. Set the organizer on the wall stud. Given a choice, use vertical studs; they are more flexible than the horizontal studs.

Step 5

To start building a closet, refer to your sketch design. If you tore down the walls, cut the wood to the appropriate lengths. Set them in place. Now you can add the rails and the shelves.

If you are making the shelves yourself, cut the wood boards to the size you need. Nail the boards together and put it in the closet. You can screw the boards if you want.

Step 6

If you used wood, you can start painting it. Add as many coats as you like. Let it dry. You can also use metal components instead of wood. You can use a steel attachment system with a wood shelf.

Tips and Warnings

Here are some suggestions worth remembering when building a closet. Always follow the measurements you set down. If you are off even by a few inches, chances are the wood pieces won’t fit. Don’t just stack shelves here and there.

Before you start building, you should have an idea of what you’re going to put there. This will help you organize the shelves, shoe trays and other sections more effectively.

Put only the appropriate materials in the appropriate shelves. That is, lightweight objects should be put on light shelves only. By giving some thought to the arrangement process, you’ll have an easier time putting everything together.

Wear safety goggles when cutting wood. Do not work in cramped spaces. When putting in the walls, make sure to avoid hitting electrical outlets. You might need some assistants if you’re going to construct the closet from the ground up.

Remember that you are building a closet to organize your stuff. So try to keep the design as simple and practical as possible.

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