How to Build a Box

Knowing how to build a box can serve you in good stead. By building the wooden box below, you’ll be able to use it to store toys, tools and other items.

Required Tools and Materials

100 grit sandpaper
Wood glue
Nail set
6d finish nails
Framer’s square
Measuring tape
Table saw
¾ inch plywood

Step 1

Determine how big the box will be. Note down the height, depth and width.

Step 2

Measure the wood boards and cut it to size. The shelves will be the horizontal pieces. The vertical pieces will be used to support them. The side panels will make up the vertical pieces.

Step 3

Subtract the two horizontal pieces’ thickness from the required height. To learn how to build a box, utilize this figure for the side panels. Ensure the vertical and horizontal pieces have the same depth.

Step 4

If you want a back, use the side panel height for the back’s height. The width should be the side panel’s thickness.

Step 5

Sand all the sides. Keep sanding until it is smooth. Paint the wood boards now if you want. Let the parts dry.

Step 6

When the parts have dried, take the back and one of the side panels. Glue the back edge so it will fit in the box parts. Hammer and nail the box. Do not hammer the nails too deeply.

Step 7

Repeat the last step to make the other panel side. Again, do not hammer the nails in too deep.

Step 8

Apply adhesive on the top edges of the back and the two sides. Set one of the shelves in position. Tack this on the back and sides.

Step 9

Repeat the last step for the other shelf. Employ the nails to set the head under the plywood surface.

Tips and Warnings

Make sure to wear safety goggles when working on this project. You may also want to sand the edges so it will have a more rounded appearance.

You can also make a profile by using a router. By changing the dimensions, you can alter the style of the box. Be careful when you use the table saw blade. Do not raise it any higher than necessary.

Anyone can learn how to build a box, but you will have to be very precise with the measurements. If the box will be used as a toy box, make sure to sand the edges. You don’t want kids to use a box with sharp edges.

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