How to Build a BMX Bike

How to Build a BMX Bike

You can build a BMX bike by customizing your old one. To do this you may remove stock parts from your bike with better performance parts. This quite a common practice especially if you intend to use your bike for tricks and stunts. Customizing your BMX will make it stronger and better able to withstand the punishment that bikes get from performing various tricks.

Tools and Parts

You will need some of the most basic tools in order to customize your own BMX bike. You will need a complete park tool set which should include crescent wrenches, Allen wrenches, and socket wrenches. You will need custom handlebars, custom a custom seat post, custom rims, and bike grease.

Customizing Your BMX

The first step to build a BMX bike and customize it for stunts and tricks is to replace your handlebars. Purchase top of the line heavy duty handlebars that have a lower cross bar and that are even stronger. Take note that since you will be shifting to handlebars that give you a lower profile and are relatively shorter, you will notice a change in the overall handling of your BMX bike.

You have to remove the four bolts that hold your old handlebars to the stem. Then you get to take off the top clamp plate. Now you can take the old handlebars and replace it with much durable heavy duty ones. Adjust the position of the handlebars to a comfortable position and tighten the bolts. Follow an X pattern when you tighten the bolts starting from the top going down to the bottom.

The next step to build a BMX bike is to replace the seat post. Since you’ll be doing stunts, go for a seat post that is thicker and comparatively shorter. This lowers your center of gravity and gives you better handling. Of all things, this will eventually help you land correctly after a stunt.

The next step to customize your BMX bike is to get new sturdier rims. Standard BMX rims have 32 holes on them and use 18 gauge spokes. You can get custom rims that can have up to 96 holes using 10 gauge spokes. This basically reinforces your wheels and makes them better at absorbing the impact when you perform tricks and stunts.

More Tips to Build a BMX Bike

Since you will be replacing BMX bike parts every now and then, getting a complete bicycle tool set will be a good investment. This tool set will be very handy since you will be doing repairs and upgrades every now and then. You should also take note that when you change any parts of your BMX, you will have to make adjustments. Do a test ride after making adjustments before doing any stunts.