How Long Did It Take to Build the Titanic

The Titanic is perhaps the most popular cruise ship in history not only because it was the largest passenger ship ever built back in the early 1900s but more so because of its tragic ending.

People onboard the Titanic numbered approximately two thousand two hundred and twenty-eight, one thousand five hundred and seventeen of whom, perished when the ship sank.

How Long Did It Take to Build the Titanic?

It took approximately three years to build this massive ship. It is said that the laying down of the ship’s keel took place in the first quarter of 1909 and completion of the ship, including her interiors was some time in the first quarter of 1912.

Building the Titanic cost Harland and Wolf, the company who undertook the project, about $7,500,00. Today, it is estimated that building this same ship will cost about $400M.

This massive ship was approximately eight hundred eighty-two and nine inches in length, ninety-two feet and six inches in width and one hundred seventy-five in height.

Her first and last voyage took place some time in April 1912 and on the early morning of April 15 of the same year, she fell to the harsh blows dealt her when she hit a massive iceberg off the Atlantic Ocean.

Titanic Trivia

1. Despite efforts by the crew to steer the ship away from the iceberg, the attempts proved to be futile because she still hit the iceberg at approximately 11:40 on the evening of April 14.

2. As soon as the ship hit the iceberg on her starboard side, the hull was ripped in several places and she immediately began taking in water. At approximately 2:20, early morning of the following day, the once-thought-to-be “unsinkable” Titanic finally succumbed to the damages done to her and sank down the depths of the Atlantic Ocean.

3. The Titanic was actually warned that icebergs were on her path but the crew did not heed the warning. A few hours later, a warning came once again about the icebergs on her path but the radio controllers apparently did not relay the warning to the Captain.

4. The Titanic is located somewhere around the southeastern parts of Newfound in Canada within about three hundred and seventy miles; and about a thousand miles within the eastern perimeters of Boston in Massachusetts.

5. Of the reported one thousand five hundred and seventeen people who died, six hundred eighty-five of these were crew members, five hundred thirty-six were 3rd class passengers, one hundred sixty-six were 2nd class passengers and one hundred thirty were 1st class passengers.

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