Glass Block Installation

Before installing glass blocks, keep in mind that the blocks work best on non-load bearing walls. It is also ideal for those who want more light and privacy.

Required Tools and Materials

Trowel or mortar knife
Silicone caulk
Caulking guns
1 x 2 boards
Scouring pad
Wood sealer
Panel anchors
Work gloves
Glass blocks
Wire stabilizer

Install the Frame

Step 1

Assemble the 1 x 2 boards to make the frame for the glass blocks. Nail this in the middle of the space. This means the blocks will conceal the front and the back when they are set.

Step 2

Apply two sealer coatings on the wood. This will keep it safe from moisture. Allow it to dry.

Install the Mortar

Step 1

Shape the panel anchors into an L. The short leg has to be 3 inches.

Step 2

Hammer the panel anchors on the frame. When installing glass blocks, the short leg must be parallel to the ground. Set panel anchors every three rows.

Step 3

Position a row of blocks with some spacers.

Step 4

Mix the glass block mortar.

Step 5

Use the mortar knife to apply mortar on the sill. If the mortar oozes out after you put a block on it, do not add anymore.

Step 6

Put the spacer in then add a glass block.

Step 7

Apply mortar on the next block’s side. Set this against the first block and press it firmly.

Step 8

Use the trowel to remove the excess mortar. Wipe the glass with a sponge before beginning the next row of blocks.

Step 9

Make three rows using the same process just described. When you are finished, apply mortar on top of them.

Step 10

Put the wire stabilizer on the mortar. This will serve as reinforcement. Apply a single mortar layer on the stabilizer. Set the spacers in place. Add more blocks.

Step 11

Let the mortar dry for 24 to 36 hours. Apply caulk on the edges.

Utilizing Prefabricated Panels

Put silicone caulk on the opening. Set the panel in the center and make it level. Place it in the opening. Put roofing nails on. Finally, add the trim. The installation is finished.


Never apply mortar on the spacers. Keep in mind that these blocks can be quite heavy. Get some people to help you just in case.

Before installing glass blocks, keep the following in mind. These are not made for supporting loads. Never use glass blocks to support any structure in your home.

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