How to Repair Ie7

Internet Explorer 7 or IE 7, is often utilized with Windows. When using the browser, some troubles may occur. Below are some of the more common problems and how to repair IE 7.

Required Tools and Materials

Internet Explorer 7
Windows based PC
Internet connection
How to Reset Internet Explorer 7
If IE stops working, you may need to reset the browser. Fortunately, it is very easy to do.

Step 1

If IE isn’t open yet, double click it. Go to "Internet Options". A window will open.

Step 2

Point the cursor to the "Advanced" tab and click it. Click the "Reset" button on the "Reset Internet Explorer Settings" portion. IE will inform you that other windows have to be closed before you can reset it. Hit the “Reset” button.

IE 7 and Add-ons

Sometimes the add-on programs will cause problems when IE starts up. If the add-on program is not working, IE may not run. To repair IE 7 with add-on problems, right click the IE icon. Select “Start Without Add-ons".

If this fixes the problem, activate the add-ons only when you are going to use them. Go to the “Tools” menu and select “Manage Add-ons". This will allow you to enable or disable the add-ons.

How to Reinstall IE 7

There are times when reinstalling the browser fixes the problem.

Step 1

Point the cursor to the "Start" button and click it. Click the Control Panel. Double click the "Add or Remove Programs". Wait for it to list all the installed programs in the computer.

Step 2

Go through the list until you see Internet Explorer 7. Choose IE 7 and select “repair”. A window will pop up asking if you want IE 7 repaired and downloaded. Click “yes”. Make sure you are connected to the Net as Windows will download IE 7.

Step 3

The download will begin after you click the link. Follow the prompts. The repair wizard will appear when you click “Install”. The wizard will download the required files and fix IE.

Tips and Warnings

Download the latest patches for IE 7. They have the fixes required by the program. They also repair bugs and other issues with the browser. Make sure you follow the instructions before downloading a patch.

It is very to learn how to repair IE 7. Even if you are not experiencing problems, always get the latest browser updates. They help stabilize the program. They also help in preventing crashes and other software conflicts.

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