How to Build a Gaming Computer

If you are into computer games and you’d want your own gaming computer, you can build your own gaming pc and it is actually easier than most people think.

You only need to know a little bit about the different components that will go into your computer to help you choose the right ones suitable for playing games on the computer.

The first thing you need to do regarding how to build a gaming computer is to familiarize yourself with the different computer parts that will have your pc running smoothly and effectively particularly while you play your games.

Basically, these parts are the CPU, motherboard, RAM, hard drive, modem, graphics cards, and sound card. Optional components include a CD/DVD drive which could double as a CD burner.

How to Build a Gaming Computer

As mentioned, it is important that you are at least familiar with the basics of each computer component to enable you to choose these based on their suitability for a gaming computer.


The CPU or Central Processing Unit is considered as the brain of your computer. The function of this hardware is to calculate and process the data that you are trying to retrieve and then forward these as data output to the appropriate device, folder or program that you have chosen.

Typically, the higher the speed of the CPU, the faster the data output. However, there are still other factors that affect the speed of the output such as matching your CPU with a compatible hard drive and RAM.


If the CPU is the brain of your pc, the motherboard is its heart. This component ensures that all the hardware installed on your computer function properly and as a whole unit.

The motherboard that you will be getting should also be compatible with your CPU, the graphics card, memory plus other devices that you want to install.


RAM or Random Access Memory temporarily stores data on your computer enabling the CPU to retrieve specific data much faster. Data stored on your RAM will not be saved hence, when you turn off our pc, you will lose any data in the RAM.

Hard Drive

This component is where all your data are stored. To enhance the speed at which your hard drive performs, it is recommended that you set-up your hard drive to a RAID system.

Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks splits your data into 2 or above drives so that the load is not as heavy thereby speeding up the process of data retrieval.

Graphics Card

The right graphics card will definitely enhance your gaming experience particularly if you are playing games that utilize 3D graphics. An ideal graphics card should have a memory of at least 256MB.

Sound Card

A sound card on the other hand enhances the audio output of your computer. This likewise plays a vital role in your enjoyment of your games as audio quality boosts your gaming experience.


Unless you are playing your games offline, you will need a modem to give you access to the internet for MMORPG games.

Now that you know the basic component for a gaming computer, you can now start to look for each item based on your specifications.

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