How To Repair a Guitar

Asking a professional to repair a guitar will likely set you back quite a bit of money. If you want to try your hand at mending those guitar cracks, here’s how to do it.

Fixing a Guitar Crack

Required Tools and Materials

Metal ruler
Wood glue

Note: you should only try this method if the guitar is made of wood and it isn’t laminated.

Step 1

Take the ruler and insert it in the f hole. Keep pushing it in until the back plate is reached. Note the position where the ruler comes out of. Flex the ruler at this section.

Step 2

To repair a guitar, you need to push the ruler until it makes contact with the back plate. This should be under the crack. Pull the V’s end projecting out. Keep doing this until the end pushes the fracture. Let the wood push a bit, but not too much.

Step 3

Apply the wood glue on the inner parts of the crack. Take care you don’t put any outside. Press the crack so the panel is level. Allow the glue to dry. Apply some polyurethane for the finishing.

Note: make sure you put in enough wood glue or it won’t stick. You also need to make sure the glue is given enough time to dry.

How to Fix a Guitar Bridge

To repair a guitar bridge, you will have to prepare the following.

Required Tools and Materials

Flat chisel
Wood stain
Rubber band
Wood glue

Step 1

Commence by taking off the guitar strings. Take off the bridge. If the bridge is badly damaged, the bridge will pop out easily. If the bridge won’t come off, heat it a bit and try again. Get the chisel and heat one end.

Start at one end of the bridge. Put a bit of pressure on the tool. Keep doing this until the bridge is completely removed from the guitar.

Step 2

Examine the crack. If it’s not that big, you can apply some wood glue and join them back together. If you need to repair a guitar with minor cracks, just put in the glue. Squeeze the pieces together. Put rubber band on while the glue is drying. When it’s dried, sand and stain it.

Replacing the Bridge

A badly damaged bridge will need a replacement. Before you put in the new bridge, it’s important you sand the damaged portion. Put the new bridge on after sanding. Do not put in the strings until the guitar bridge has totally dried.

Tips and Warnings

If the guitar is of immense value to you, it’s best if it’s repaired by a professional. You need to be patient fixing the bridge. Trying to pry it loose too roughly may cause more damage. The fixes mentioned here are not permanent; there is a strong possibility the guitar will break down again if used extensively. Handle with care any fixed guitar.

With a bit of fortitude, you’ll be able to repair a guitar. By using some glue, metal rulers and being patient, you can make it usable again.

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