Christmas Crafts

With Christmas just a few weeks away, you may already be wracking your brains for holiday decors that you can put around the house. If you’re on a tight budget, you can make your own decorations and have these in place just in time for the holidays.

You can turn this into a fun activity for the entire family and the kids will surely enjoy making Christmas crafts of different designs.

A Few Homemade Christmas Crafts Ideas

Christmas Angels


Three paper coffee filters – basket style
Two balls of cotton
Silver/gold ribbon – about six to eight inches long
Two chenille stems – one white, one gold
Pair of scissors
Glue stick


1. Put the cotton balls in the middle of one paper coffee filter and then put a second paper coffee filter on top of the cotton balls. Make sure to hold the cotton balls in place as you do this as these will be your angel’s head.
2. The second paper filter on top of the first one will create a layered effect for the angel’s dress.
3. Secure the head with your choice of silver/gold ribbon and make a bow around the neck part of the head.
4. For the wings, fold your last filter in half and then tie the middle part of your halved filter with your chenille stem. Use the white one. The result should look something like a bow.
5. Make sure that you don’t use up the entire stem wrapping it around the middle of your “wings.” There should be an excess as this will serve as your angel’s hanger.
6. Finally, make a little halo out of your last chenille stem and then secure this at the back of the angel with your glue stick.

You now have your very own Christmas angel.

Recycled Christmas Cards Fan Ornament


Old Christmas cards
Thin ribbon
Paper Punch
Pair of scissors


1. Take your old Christmas cards and cut off the back portion.
2. Fold the front portion into 1/3 sections, accordion-style. If the last fold is a bit wider, cut off the extra width so you will have a uniform size for all folds.
3. Secure the “handle” of the fan, or the bottom part, with your choice of thin ribbon.
4. Punch a hold a few centimeters from the bottom of your fan and then put a ribbon through the hole and make a loop. This will serve as your fan ornament hanger.

You can also cut the front part of the card in half to make smaller fans so you have two sizes of fan ornaments for your Christmas tree.

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